About us

Ease Training was founded in 2013 to bring life and vibrancy to organisational governance, and our training events and bespoke consultancy in the education and charity sectors have already found an appreciative audience. Read our testimonials. Read all about us below.

We knew first-hand that good governance isn’t just about formal, professional skills. It’s at least as much about relationships and confidence: how people behave and work together to tackle complex strategic challenges. Our training starts with a focus on professional competence (developing knowledge, ‘hard’ skills, tools and strategic thinking) but integrates work to build individual and team confidence. So volunteers feel better equipped and ‘at Ease’ in their governance role.


We deliver training in a clear, straightforward and practical way, covering key points at the appropriate level of detail. Our speakers and facilitators are all qualified professionals with hands-on experience, who can support and challenge delegates as they work through a variety of scenarios. So our delegates can develop their knowledge and understanding, and hone governance skills, in a safe environment.

Governance is, quite rightly, highly regulated – so training has to include delivery of statutory and other formal requirements and guidance. But we hate dry ‘chalk and talk’ sessions as much as you do. So our sessions put the formal stuff in an engaging context, so that you not only absorb but also learn how to apply and monitor regulations and formal procedures, in practical ways that deliver real benefit, beyond the ‘tick in the box’.

Scope of Training

Ease Training is always looking to broaden the portfolio of topics, events and bespoke consultancy projects it can offer, to meet the needs of School Governors, Leaders and Charity Trustees.  So far, we have focussed on delivering Effective Governance training for new School Governors (and those looking for a a refresher), Charity Trustee Training and School IT Strategy Workshops and technical training for Academy Company Secretaries.  But new training is being developed month by month – please see our events page to catch up with what’s current.


Every member of the Ease Training Team has at least one voluntary role in the community, either as a school governor or charity trustee. It’s part of the deal: we don’t work from a theoretical perspective, but share our personal insights and practical experience of actually doing the job, alongside well-researched and authoritative guidance on current best practice.

We know how it feels: we face many of the same real-life challenges as our delegates, so can offer help, ideas and tools that we know work, because we’ve tried them ourselves. And, like our delegates, we have a passion for ‘giving back’: offering our skills and time, on a voluntary basis, to serve our community. That’s the essence of Ease Training.

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