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New appointment to Ease Training Charity team September 2017

Senior Appointment to Ease Training  In preparation for expanded plans for 2017/18, Ease Training is delighted to announce the appointment of a new Associate Director, Nicholas Ford. Nicholas will play a key role in the delivery of the strategy of offering bespoke in-house training and consultancy for charities, which has proved to be increasingly popular. […]

The Modern Day Highwayman – your money or your charity?

Ransomware – What do the Trustees do?   The recent spate of Ransomware interference into major systems around the country has affected businesses, charities, schools all over the UK. I hope it has caused everyone to sit up and outline below the dilemmas currently being faced by Trustees of a Charity. What do you do? […]

Staff Wellbeing – Facing the Challenge – 19th May

Splashed over the media in recent months has been the challenging problem of staff retention in schools. The pressures on teachers at all levels have never been greater, with a multitude of responsibilities, stresses and time pressures. Their ability to simply teach and help children make progress has been hampered by the demands of data, […]

A little on feedback, by Michael Tidd

When you ask a typical headteacher at the moment what the most pressing issue in education is, they’re very unlikely to talk about assessment or workload. Probably top of the list at the moment is finance – with reducing income and increasing out-goings it’s a difficult time. Linked to that is the issue of recruitment […]

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