Independent Schools

Piers Heyworth Headmaster

Hilary Moriarty and Linde Melhuish gave us a phenomenally useful ‘mock’ compliance inspection. Our attitude was that, although we had prepared assiduously for it, it would be very unlikely that each and every one of the 149 ISSR regulations would be spot on and true enough they discovered a few areas that were in need of improvement. Far better, we thought, that they discover these areas at an early stage than we delude ourselves that all is absolutely perfect! They also used their expertise to explain areas to us where we could qualitatively improve even though these areas were compliant. All of us found it a very useful ‘dress rehearsal’ for the real thing!
Manor Prep School 2016

Chris Michelmore Director

I was very impressed with Linde and Richard of EASE Training, who gave a very entertaining and informative presentation on cultural differences around the world. They also made it interactive and fun, involving the whole audience – it was the highlight of the day!
Quest Guardians Limited

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