Consultancy Teams

We offer a variety of consultancy options at Ease Training and can tailor our services to your needs. A range of consultants are available in both the Charity and Education sectors.

Use the tables below to read more about our consultancy teams.

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Academies Maintained and MATs

Our team offers a variety of services for governing boards focussing on strategy, structure and governance.


External reviews to examine existing structures and to facilitate future strategy based on the latest Governance guidance.


Development workshops to support the governing board – based on school needs.

Governor and Director mentoring

Mentoring offered by experienced Governors and Chairs to assist rapid development of skills, knowledge and experience.

Appraisal and performance review

Annual and follow-up appraisals, including 360oappraisals for the state sector.

We offer experienced consultants to support with Headteacher, Executive Head and CEO appraisal and performance management reviews; mentoring for new-to-post school leaders, and for those who need coaching for improved effectiveness or have stalled in their careers.

Recruitment support for maintained sector – both academies and LA school heads and executive leaders.

Independent Schools

Our Independent Schools’ team offers a variety of services which cover many aspects of Governance and inspection.

Bespoke Governor Training

New Governor Training.

Training and development of established Governors, including governing body reviews.

Preparation for ISI inspections

Pre-inspection reviews of compliance for schools and colleges, including SCR checks.

Post inspection report.

Boarding compliance reviews.


Support for all aspects of staff and governor training, including cyber safety and data protection.


Support for schools and colleges with legal concerns and issues.

School Development Planning.

Independent support and advice for middle and senior management appointments, interviews and departmental reviews.

Heads' and senior staff appraisals

New Heads’ mentoring.

Annual and follow-up appraisals, including 360o appraisals.

Heads’ support and development.


Ease Training Works with Charities, Not-for-Profit and voluntary organisations to address the increasing challenges facing this sector.

We can together explore your needs and whether one of the following services may address your challenges:


With a clear understanding of you, bespoke training packages covering Governance and organisational issues.


Facilitation of strategy and away days.

Health Checks

Assessment through our questionnaire and one-to-one consultation for an outline report on critical issues.

Governance and Management Review

A review of the effectiveness of your board to meet its objectives within a compliant and regulated framework.

Strategic and Business Planning

Strategy review with follow up strategic and business planning.

Quality Assurance

Our PQASSO licensed mentor will address your specific needs.

School Data and GDPR

Data is a constantly developing area where specific advice is often required. Our team can offer:


Fully dissect and interpret your key performance data in order to prepare for Ofsted and present your school in the best possible light.

School Specific Workshops

Bespoke data training tailored to meet the needs of staff in your school or across groups of schools.

Governor Data Training

In depth sessions on ASP,  IDSR and FFT data to ensure governors are best equipped to support and challenge your school.

GDPR Training

Practical session for Staff and Governors – developing an action plan and ongoing support if required.

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