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EASE governance offers events and courses with specialist education speakers, lawyers and accountants. Forthcoming events include

  • Data Training for Primary Governors September 20th 2018 – Click here for details

School SPECIFIC training

EASE governance sessions are tailored to individual requirements through an initial school meeting. Training utilises the legal framework outlined in the Governance Handbook, Competency Framework and Academies Financial Handbook. It is enhanced by using practical scenarios to aid learning and followed up with a summary action plan.


EASE governance can offer advice and guidance through school based workshops on MAT governance and schemes of delegation as well as mentoring and support for chairs and individual governors and trustees.


How well does your governing board work together? What skills are required within your governing board? Does your governing board have a succession plan in place?

The EASE team offer a personality type workshop for Governors and Senior Management teams. Please email info@easetraining.co.uk for more details


With the emphasis on evaluation, governance reviews are invaluable to schools. For more details,click here 

The Governance Review report is the culmination of findings from a review of paperwork, a facilitated full governing board self-evaluation meeting, a meeting with the headteacher and chair of the board and concludes with a final report which outlines proposed key actions for the governing board. A feedback session following the publication of the final report at a full governing board meeting also includes a facilitated action plan. The timescale for a review to final report is usually between 3 – 6 weeks. For further information please contact info@easetraining.co.uk


We very much value feedback and act on it ! Please see some of the comments from our clients. Click here.


EASE training are pleased to be a service provider for GovernorHub.Click here

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