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Ease Training has now been supplying GovernorHub for two years. We are holding the discounted price (£300 plusVAT) with a free trial for a month. Please see the testimonials below that outline the difference GovernorHub has made to two Governing Boards.

GovernorHub has given our governing body peace of mind that all documents are stored and updated in a central place – there is no more searching through emails to find paperwork for a meeting and a good number of our governors now access the papers directly through GovernorHub during the meeting. The system enables all governors to upload documents and this facility ensures that all governors have access to any documents which they may need to see eg: visit reports from other governors.

 Our clerk uses GovernorHub functionality to store information in a logical and easily accessible way. She also makes use of the training logs and attendance register which can be easily downloaded from the system – this maximises efficiency and effectiveness of the governing body.

Since we started using GovernorHub a year ago it has quickly proved its worth in ensuring all Governors have easy access to all documentation and simplifying the task of reading and digesting information. It is already helping improve the efficiency and effectiveness of both Full Governors and Committee meetings.

David Young – Chair of Governors, Lakeside Primary School

The use of Governorhub has improved the effectiveness of our GB.  The ready access of all documentation from any location has reduced duplication and enabled meetings to run with increasing efficiency.  The ease with which documents can be uploaded, amended and stored means that governors have felt confident using the system and new governors can quickly gain insight.  During our recent Ofsted visit, it was helpful to be able to access information rapidly and with little effort. 

Governorhub has greatly reduced our need for paper-based filing and searching for key documents during meetings. The additional function of communication with individuals, committees or all governors as well as the link to news and updates, has also enabled our governing body to be up to date with school-based information and national developments.  

Lee Pajak – Head teacher, Charlton Kings Junior School

GDPR compliance 

As a governor or trustee your focus is on the action needed to make sure your school or academy has put the right policies, processes and protection in place. But have you thought about GDPR compliance for the Board itself?

Governors’ Contact Details and Personal Information
As a board you have a responsibility for appropriate handling of personal information about your Governors and any other personal data that you receive.

Confidential Papers
Not all of the documentation you create as a Governing or Trust Board can be shared publicly. You should know exactly who can view the material.

Secure Communication
Errors in email addresses or out of date distribution lists can put documents into the wrong hands.

Data Controller Responsibilities
The board is responsible for data. Do you know where it is processed and stored? Are you confident that back up copies are secure?

Here’s how GovernorHub helps

No need to send confidential and sensitive data via email
None of this emailing documents around. Just upload them to GovernorHub and share via the Noticeboard. GovernorHub will send emails containing a link to the files and only users who are allowed to view the files will be able to access them. Even if they do have the link.

Password protected access to board information
Accessing any data for the board, including documents and contact details, requires a valid user account. No shared passwords or publicly available links.

Data stored in the EU in ISO27001 certified data centres
Basically you’d need an invisibility cloak and some seriously good magic spells to get into one of these.

Instant user access controls
No need to wait for IT to delete a user account or synchronize everyone’s email distribution lists. Add a user to your school on GovernorHub and they’ve got instant access. Remove them and they’ll have no access at all.

Secure, encrypted and backed up storage for all your board papers and minutes
This one does what it says on the tin. What’s not to like?

Easy to use
This is not one of those systems with a massive instruction manual and a complicated setup procedure. Just sign up, add in your Governors and you’re off!

Built for MATs too
GovernorHub was designed from the ground up for MATs. You get a hub for every academy local board or committee as well as for the trustee board. Plus you gain GDPR compliance! It really is a single solution for MAT governance.

Used by over 3500 Boards and 40,000 governors

Come and join the community!

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free trial

Free trial for 1 month. After that the discounted price available from Ease Training for a single school or Academy is £300 +VAT pa including assistance with the set up.

For the establishment of a MAT, please contact us for costings.

For more details Email  or call Kate Shepherd on 0785 574 3869. | Tel: 01285 770984

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