Gloucestershire Charity Leaders Group – Delighted to be the first sponsor

Gloucestershire Leaders Group is an exciting emerging leadership project in the voluntary and community sector, aimed at chief executives and other leaders of local charities who don’t necessarily have the backup support of a large organisation.

Leading an independent charity can be creative and fulfilling, but those at the top can also become isolated and stressed. Structures of support can be lacking, as can adequate access to training and information. Leaders will often put their own needs last, and we all know how easy it is to get burned out.

This new leadership group aims to offer peer support and exchange of information, as well as access to training and mentoring opportunities. It will bring together leaders from the charitable sector and, in time, from local business in order to share knowledge and best practice, develop skills and resilience, find areas of synergy and mutual benefit, and identify further support needs.

The group is in its early, formative stage. A small group of about a dozen leaders has come together to form a pilot which is scheduled to run from autumn 2017 to the early summer of 2018.

Early indications are that the pilot will focus on two main strands.

  • Peer support: getting to know each other and each other’s organisations and bringing issues for discussion at each meeting.
  • Leading change for the voluntary sector in Gloucestershire: becoming a proactive group that initiates change and development in the sector.

It is hoped that the Gloucestershire Leaders Group will be an active and effective resource for leaders in the voluntary and community sector, bringing about positive change and opportunities for those who are in a position to do the same for others.

The group is being facilitated by Rachel Levay (a former chief executive of Allsorts, a county wide charity and currently director of the Stroud Book Festival), and Barrie Wyatt (former chair of GAVCA and now owner of nVision Consulting and a PQASSO mentor).

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