What do you think of GovernorHub? Testimonials – September 2018

Testimonials received for GovernorHub – a year on…….


GovernorHub has given our governing body peace of mind that all documents are stored and updated in a central place – there is no more searching through emails to find paperwork for a meeting and a good number of our governors now access the papers directly through GovernorHub during the meeting. The system enables all governors to upload documents and this facility ensures that all governors have access to any documents which they may need to see eg: visit reports from other governors.

Our clerk uses GovernorHub functionality to store information in a logical and easily accessible way. She also makes use of the training logs and attendance register which can be easily downloaded from the system – this maximises efficiency and effectiveness of the governing body.

Since we started using GovernorHub a year ago it has quickly proved its worth in ensuring all Governors have easy access to all documentation and simplifying the task of reading and digesting information. It is already helping improve the efficiency and effectiveness of both Full Governors and Committee meetings.

 David Young – Chair of Governors, Lakeside Primary School –  September 2018

The use of Governorhub has improved the effectiveness of our GB.  The ready access of all documentation from any location has reduced duplication and enabled meetings to run with increasing efficiency.  The ease with which documents can be uploaded, amended and stored means that governors have felt confident using the system and new governors can quickly gain insight.  During our recent Ofsted visit, it was helpful to be able to access information rapidly and with little effort. 

Governorhub has greatly reduced our need for paper-based filing and searching for key documents during meetings. The additional function of communication with individuals, committees or all governors as well as the link to news and updates, has also enabled our governing body to be up to date with school-based information and national developments.  

Lee Pajak – Head teacher, Charlton Kings Junior School – September 2018


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