GovMeet 25th November

What is GovMeet?


Founded by Nicki Wadley and Kate Shepherd, GovMeet is a supportive, collaborative network for school governors, trustees and clerks to governors. Both Nicki and Kate have extensive governance experience and recognised the need for governors and clerks to have a collaborative and supportive network that enables knowledge and practice to be shared and to be able to gain support in the challenging times.


GovMeet aims to bring all involved in governance together to share practice, build professional networks, support with challenges and celebrate the contribution good governance makes to the lives of young people.  This will be achieved through termly live events that are free to attend and aim to add another dimension to governance CPD. Nicki and Kate know that there is fantastic governance in place throughout the County and are committed to providing a forum for this to be shared and celebrated.


What happens at a GovMeet meeting?


At every GovMeet event you can expect.

  • An opportunity to network
  • A keynote speaker
  • An opportunity for attendees to share practice, ideas and knowledge
  • Group mastermind sessions to support colleagues with a current challenges

After every GovMeet event you will take with you practical ideas and tools to implement with your governing board.


Keynote speakers


We have two keynote speakers for our first event. Tom Hoskins from ChanceIsChange will be talking about the importance of an inclusive ethos in schools and ex-local and well-respected Headteacher, Peter Rowlands will be talking to us about how governors can support wellbeing in schools.


If you have a topic or someone in mind that you would like us to invite to be a future keynote speaker then please get in touch and let us know. GovMeet is your event, so the more ideas we hear from you, the better.


Is it really free to attend?


YES! GovMeet is and will always be free to attend, each meeting will be sponsored by an education-related company or individual. The only costs we have to cover are venue hire and refreshments, Nicki and Kate take no salary or benefit from organising and hosting the meeting.


We are thankful to TheSchoolBus for their kind sponsorship for the inaugural event. TheSchoolBus provide high quality, up to date, compliant policies and resources for school leaders. With 1000s of resources and articles, alongside their outstanding support, TheSchoolBus provides an unparalleled service and are a trustworthy source of information for the education sector. To find out more about their service and access 5 free documents of your choice you can take a free trial, with absolutely no obligation to take up the service or provide any payment details.


Where and when?


The first GovMeet event is being held on Saturday Sat 25th November 2017 10:00am – 12:00pm at Holiday Inn Gloucester – Cheltenham, Crest Way, Barnwood, GL4 3RX. To join us, simply book your FREE ticket here.


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