Staff Wellbeing – Facing the Challenge – 19th May

Splashed over the media in recent months has been the challenging problem of staff retention in schools. The pressures on teachers at all levels have never been greater, with a multitude of responsibilities, stresses and time pressures. Their ability to simply teach and help children make progress has been hampered by the demands of data, inspections, and lack of resource. Ease Training, school service provider, has announced their first Wellbeing conference that will examine a number of aspects to help schools build the wellbeing of their staff and to offer practical resources to assist in this.

The conference will take place at Gloucestershire International School in Gloucester, Friday 19th May. This fantastic facility has lovely grounds, plenty of space and parking, and Ease Training will create an environment where staff can learn, relax and even enjoy the services of a Chocolatier. It is a serious event which will cover wellbeing from the basic physiological causes of stress, managing workload, mindset and morale, with the afternoon spent with interactive sessions offering ideas on how to improve wellbeing, to reduce stress and finally a session for the delegates themselves to experience first-hand some wellbeing techniques.

Ease Training look forward to providing an event that will be of value to the schools, as a contribution to improving morale in the education sector.

There is an early bird discount until the 31st of March. Full details can be found on our event page.

For further information please contact Richard Levinge on 01242 698809 or email Richard at

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