Governor Clerk and GDPR Training

Flora Barton Head Teacher

Ease Training provided thorough training, advice and follow up support in relation to what was expected for the GDPR. They ensured the information was up to date, relevant and bespoke to our need and context. What was essential was that they gave us the confidence that what we thought to be a major challenge, was simply to be looked at with common sense - giving us practical strategies to ensure we are fully compliant and following procedure. Thank you for a great training session that helped us onto the road to success! We will definitely be using Ease Training again in the near future. Thank You!

School GDPR Training April 2018
Crowmarsh Gifford Cof E Primary School

Brian Canning Head of Energy Services

Richard and Antonia are a formidable team and worked hard to understand our business requirements prior to the training. The session itself was interesting and informative and had a really good balance between the fine detail requirements of GDPR and real life situations. By helping to dispel some of the myths surrounding the process and the consequences the team were then able to move forward from the training in a much more confident and positive fashion.

GDPR Staff Training March 2018

Wendy Foster Head Teacher

“Richard Levinge’s session was very helpful and I know our Governing body will focus their attention on being more proactive throughout this year. The board has gained a better understanding of precisely what is required from each member.  
The focus of the training was on the practical behaviours required of governors and we will be following this up with a further session from Ease Training during this academic year.  Thoroughly recommended for all governing boards.”

School Specific Governor Training October 2017
Cirencester Primary School

David Young Chair of Governors

Excellent content. Clear with personal observations. Really thought provoking especially as they were real situations.

School Specific Governor Training September 2017
Lakeside Primary School

Kristine Scott Governor Bournside School

I would like to thank Ease Training for an excellent session on governor responsibilities. I found this interactive training exceptionally useful in understanding our legal responsibilities and roles as a school governor. You gave a clear explanation of the issues and made it enjoyable – no mean feat!

School Specific Governor Training September 2017
Bournside School Cheltenham

Dr Nick Capstick OBE Chief Executive

Richard thank you for doing the fab session, knowing who we are and the impact our behaviour has on others is vital when working in a team.

White Horse Federation Strategy Day July 2017
Personality Types Presentation
The White Horse Federation

Matt Fletcher Executive Head Teacher

Many thanks for the Governor training - it was excellent. It was helpful to have a session tailored to our needs which the Governing Board found it very useful.
We look forward to building the relationship with Ease Training and the next session.

School Specific Governor Training Governor Training April 2017
Prestbury St Marys Federation

Scott Harvey Chair of Governance Committee

The Ease Training team delivered two sessions for us. The first for new governors and the second for those with experience. In both sessions the approach used was engaging and interactive leaving all those who attended more informed and enthused. The changing nature of governance meant even those with considerable experience learnt something new. We will certainly repeat these events regularly with Ease Training.

Bespoke Governor Training April 2017
Bournside School Cheltenham

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